Will CAPO teachers strike for 3 months?

Question: Do you have any updates on the teacher situation in the Capo district? I am hearing rumors of teachers walking off the job for the last 3 months of school (for all grade levels) and new substitutes brought in to fill the positions.
Answer: I have not heard of this rumor stated in this way. Don't worry. There won't be anything like this happening without tons of notice and a 3 month walk out would be next to impossible. I am almost positive it is just talk.


Anonymous said...

In order to avoid the teachers striking and the major disruption this will cause to our children's education, I am writing to ask that you contact the Board before they meet on January 25th regarding their aggressive negotiation tactics being used with regards to the teacher's contracts.

I know everyone is busy, but I'm writing to everyone today to ask that you take the time to help stop these aggressive actions.

Before they meet on January 25th, please contact Capistrano School Superintendent Dr. Roberta Mahler at 234-9210 or superintendent@capousd.org and the President of the Capistrano School Board Anna Bryson at abryson@capousd.org. Tell them to take this opportunity to reach a fair contract settlement.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what agressive negotiating tactics mean. Do you mean our irresponsible district/school board has the nerve to balance our budget? Has anyone heard, California is broke!! Wake up parents, we're in a recession. Have you compared teacher salaries/benefits to the private sector lately? Teachers are paid very well for part-time work. I'm sure all of you know families that have been layed off, bonuses removed, hours cut, salaries cut, health benefits reduced/removed, etc. We have approx. 10%
unemployment in California, and even higher underemployment. Since salaries make up a high majority of our budget(please check this out), where else do you want to cut parents?

Those of you that are protesting, have you even read the report? The distric/board has compromised at the expense of our kids. Along with teacher salary/benefit reductions, our kids will get less classroom instruction days and have extra kids added to each classroom.
Weren't parents for reduced kids per classroom?
I highly recommend that the teachers be thankful for their jobs, and be very grateful that they don't have to compete for their services like the rest of us in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

I completely back up the teachers striking, why should the teacher salaries be taken away when the board and the District personnel are all sitting in a beautiful million dollar bldg, while our kids are learning in portables, the portables over at Capo valley were infested with fleas during summer school, these are the conditions they make the teacher teach and the kids learn and as a slap to their faces now they want to cut their salaries....Go strike teachers.....

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