Should Naughty kids miss recess for a week?

How often should a Second Grade child be placed in time out missing his recess? Is it OK for teachers to take away recess for the entire week?
What did your child do? It all depends on how mischievous or naughty the child is being. Yes, there are certainly times when children earn the time outs all week. If the child earned the time outs, he or she should serve the time outs, and then stop earning them.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that "Naughty" students should miss out on recess. I believe that a teacher should be asigned to "naughty" group and that they use this time to #1 let these students get out and run off their agression and then #2 take a moment to teach these "naughty" students acceptable behavior. Lets take positive action. Also, lets get the teachers out on the playground and have them interact with the children, then they can see what is actually going on and give imediate "help" to both sides.

Mrs Dru said...

Well, here goes. I do not believe that any teacher has a right to take away any snack or lunch food from a student. And to do it infront of other students was uncalled for She (he) knew that this would increase the taunting child would receive. This teacher needs some counseling and she needs it now. Nice that she cares so much. Hopefully, her class is on the top %. She should have given the parent a call and spoken with the parents. At this point the teacher owes the family an apology.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. Kids should not have to miss out on their recess. I remember my son missing a whole week of recess for simply forgetting to put his name on his paper when he was in first grade! Ridiculous!

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