Peanut Butter Bans in Schools

I was outraged at the insensitive attitude of the parent who cares more for her child eating peanut butter than the lives of children that are DEADLY allergic. No one chooses that our children are allergic to peanuts, but we adapt. Quickly when the allergist tells new parents that your child has a 50% chance of dying if they ingest anything with peanuts!
My family grew up eating peanut butter, my parents grew up with peanut butter but when you know it may KILL you child or grandchild you stop using it, period, no question!
The parent that whined that their child cannot have peanut butter at preschool is insensitive! Peanut allergy is the FASTEST growing allergy in the world. If the parent does not like that there preschool does not allow nuts, then change preschools. Parent, remember it is preschool, not Harvard so you can easily find another preschool.
This parent should be teaching their child that life is not a free for all and we must follow some rules and be respectful of others too.
My 3 year old was taken by ambulance to the hospital in June due to someone NOT listening about his allergy. Out of pocket was thousands of dollars, but the money is not the issue. Seeing my son in the ER with IV’s in his arms, oxygen on his face and his red swollen body is something I will never forget!

Sometimes, other parents need to hear how this allergy really presents in young children. I thought more people would agree that banning peanuts in a preschool when a small student has allergies was the logical step, but some parents were up in arms at that suggestion. Lucky for them, their children are not allergic. They do not know or want to consider what it would be like if their children were allergic. Your description might help them understand.

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rachelima said...

And then imagine that parent's reaction when their child causes and then witnesses the near death of a classmate -- suddenly it will be the school's fault their child was traumatized... shouldn't have they banned peanut butter long ago??
Food allergies are a complex, annoying, expensive, dangerous, and growing problem that needs to be dealt with respect and caring for "the other". We CAN keep our children safe with only the smallest bit of help from others -- I just hope the good in people will outweight the selfish.

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