In my daughter's school, parent volunteers correct student work and assign percentage grades and district performance levels. I am uncomfortable with this. I understand that it has been ruled that it is OK for students to correct one another's work, as that activity provides another learning experience for the students. I can understand that logic. I do not believe that having parent volunteers grading student work provides any extra learning for my daughter and violates her privacy. If I am not right, please help me understand the value of this practice. This is one of those questions that is really difficult to answer simply. On one level, I understand your point and there have been times when parents volunteer to help in the classroom only to turn around and share with others how the kids are performing. This is totally inappropriate, but it can happen with parents simply helping in the room with centers or reading just as easily as it can happen with grading papers. If we are to make sure no parent knows how another child is doing, we would not allow any parent volunteers in the classroom at all. If you are uncomfortable with your child’s papers being seen by another parent for one reason or another, just talk with the teacher and share your concerns. The teacher is simply asking for help in managing and returning papers quicker, but I am sure the teacher does not want you to be uncomfortable. She should simply pull your daughter’s papers from the group and grade them separately. Most of us, as parents, are fine with a paper being corrected by a gown up, but none of us want those grown-ups talking about our kids or judging them in some way. I understand your dilemma, but I think you and your child’s teacher can solve this pretty quickly.

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