Schools are not the only ones suffering in this economy

Question: I am frustrated and out of work. Schools are not the only ones suffering. I just thought you should know.

Answer: I absolutely know that schools are not the only ones suffering. My brother is caught in this economy with a wonderful resume looking for a job at a more than difficult time. He has worked for Disney and United Rentals (the largest equipment rental company in the country), and he has a stellar resume as a CPA with accounting, supervisory, and finance experience.

Yes, I am listing his credentials in case anyone knows of an opening. If you have leads, advice, or encouragement for him, send it to me.

We all need to help one another. You cannot receive help if you do not ask for it. My little boy asks if wishes he makes on his pennies into fountains really work. I answer, "Those are the beginning of your wishes. A wish can never come true unless you first imagine it and ask for it...then you decide if you want to work to make it come true."

I write about the troubles our schools are facing and often make those cuts clear to readers interested in helping schools. Have no doubt about it, I know how difficult this time is for all of us. We are in it together and we will come out of it together. Hang in there and let me know how things go for you as well.

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