Where do I find the link to write letters to my legislators?

Scroll down to find many links for your representatives. The heading is Stop Mid Year Cuts, although I am not sure that is even possible. Still all of our ideas should be heard, so send yours.

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I have read with interest your letters pertaining to bullying. When my legally blind grandson came to live with me, he was just going into middle school. He had two sets of books, one for home and one for school, and a magnifier for class work. He became the target of a young lady. Each evening at dinnertime, for three weeks, he received a phone call. I would hand him the phone and his comments were "uh huh", "yes" and "ok". When I asked him what was going on he just said, "nothing". One night, frustrated with the nightly calls, I just let the phone ring. To my surprise, a young female voice left a message, "You are nothing. I am going to kill you and cut you up. No one will ever find you, you nerd."
I was very angry. As the next night was a back to school night, I approached the principal and told him that I had this young lady on tape, and either he would put an end to this bullying, or I would take the tape to the police. Needless to say, he was never bothered again, but just in case, I kept the tape until he was able to go home to his parents.
Please let parents know that they have resources, but they have to watch for signs of bullying because I know that my grandson would never have said anything if I had continued to hand him the phone each night.

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